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Why choose Sri Micro monitoring products in Xingda science and technology of the comet
2017-4-5 11:31:10

On a sunny morning in October 2014, Sri Lanka Micro opportunity coincidence, came to my office in the Pacific security market counters, I took a look at theComet monitoringProduct. Has continued to cooperate from the previous few, to the current one 2K.


2015 Shenzhen security Expo site Micro came to help out

Micro is the largest local traders, involving a wide range of product lines, security monitoring, which accounts for less than his 1/20, general procurement is a few containers. He can andComet monitoringCooperation is also a kind of fate. Said the market was just opened soon, Micro came to the market very early to find products in the market. Did not take the initiative to ask each counter, just look like wandering. I Division in the Pacific counter called Jessie "Hello, can help you", the customer actually came over, so the first single deal 10 simulation DVR.

Follow up has been linked to Micro, but the customer does not take care of our Jessie, just to send orders over the goods. Slowly increase the volume of orders, not only to take DVR, the camera also has a matching shipment. Later, the counter withdrew the company, but also took him to the company. In the process of slowly contact, I learned that he had a lot of things to buy in China, involving a wide range of products from our company to take the comet monitoring products accounted for less than 1/20.


WIN8 interface for AHD video recorder

In the process of continuous cooperation, Jessie and Micro communication, why choose our comet monitoring equipment, Micro said "you more active, I turned around without me in the market, go to your side stopped me, so to give you a chance to cooperate. Why has been cooperation, the main product of your company I am very recognized, the software platform is very good, and you are also very happy cooperation." In this way the Micro from the previous 88110 domain analog DVR and analog cameras, dozens of Taiwan, Taiwan, slowly to the present WIN8 interface of the AHD video recorder and AHD coaxial HD cameras, the amount of 1000, 2000 units.


Thanks Micro, thanks for all the supportComet monitoringCustomers, because of your support, Shenzhen City, Xingda science and technology will be better tomorrow.

Shenzhen Xingda science and Technology Co., ltd."CometEnglish brand "Comet" 12 years of focus on the production of wireless WiFi cameras, network high-definition cameras, AHD coaxial high-definition cameras and a variety of video surveillance equipment manufacturers. Mainly to provide OEM foundry, wholesale agents, network operators to join. If you are interested in the comet network HD cameras and other products or have questions, you can consult the comet online customer service, you can also call: 400-8080-881. We are always at your service!

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