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● Support 8MP/5MP/4MP/3MP/2MP/720P ,H.265
● Support VGA/HDMI
● Support 1HDD
● Support Audio output
● Dimension:255(W)X233(D)X42(H)mm
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1. Support loudspeaker interface to monitor camera sound on site;
2. Support cloud updating function;
3. Support human + face detection function;
4. Support human + face smart playback;
5. Support VGA、HDMI display simultaneously;
6. Can connect 4ch 8MP cameras,Support POE,Plug and Play;
7. Preview 8MP in single screen, 3MP in four-split screen,D1 in nine-split screen;
8. 1ch 8MP, 4ch 3MP playback;
9. Support dual streams;
10. Support HDMI audio output;
11. PTZ support smart gesture;
12. Support preview and playback image captured;
13. Video playback is displayed with a time bar, and the type of video is represented by
color, which is convenient and fast to retrieve video data;
14. Video backup can be backed up according to the time and length of time, and the backup can be accurate to the seconds;
15. Supports bulk modification of front-end IPC address, automatic mapping, cross network segment to display image, support adding front-end device remotely;
16. Can connect network camera, speed camera; support various version ONVIF protocol;
17. Can connect market mainstream brand IPC(private protocol and standard ONVIF);
18. Preview image can be changed at will, image position change but physical address unchanged, which is convenient for engineering construction;
19. The video and pictures backed up by the flash disk can be played back and queried directly on the host, providing more convenience;
20. Can directly control ISP parameters of front-end IPC ;
21. Support remote update IPC, support remote checking IPC information;
22. Support various playback modes, fast forward, slow down, fast backward, maximum support 16 times speed fast forward and backward;
23. Support H.264/H.265 camera;
24. Support EasyWEB 、 EasyVMS management software, support Android/IOS mobile software;
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